Paint Correction

Refining your finish

Paint correction, or buffing and polishing is one of the most valuable specialties in the automotive detailing world. It may sound scary to have high speed polishers all over your paint. But we can assure you that it is perfectly safe and often times necessary. Paint correction is the act of buffing or polishing to remove the defects within your clear coat. We do this by using buffing compounds, pads and polishers. The goal of paint correction is to remove the top layer of clear coat that contains the scratches and swirls that make your vehicle look dull or unfinished.

Do you need paint correction?

Has your vehicle ever gone through an automatic car wash? Have you notice a few scratches or swirls on your paint? Whether your vehicle is a classic or straight off the lot, it will probably need some level of paint correction. Scratches and swirls can have a drastic affect on the appearance and health of your paint. Buffing and polishing to remove those defects gives your vehicle a whole new look as well as leaving a clean even surface that doesnt allow contamination to embed itself into your paint causing further damage.