Hand Wash

A hand wash offers many different benefits. With a foam bath and a wipe down with clean wash mits, you'll notice a huge difference in the appearance of your vehicle. Traditional "automatic" car washes use harsh chemicals and dirty tools to make your vehicle appear clean, however, the marring and wear of these machines really add up to produce a scratched and swirled serface. We always recommend taking the extra time to get it done correctly. Get your car hand washed and add a wax or short term sealant for a beautiful shine and extra layer of protection.


Whether you have pets, kids, or just every day contaminants, your interior is the one thing that gets dirty the fastest. We have the tools and products to remove stains, smells, dirt, and much more. At Glass Tiger we want you to feel amazing about your vehicle. With many interior service options we can clean and protect the place that you spend the most time.

Polishing + Correction

The Primary reason your vehicle may look dull, dirty, or just plain old is because of swirls, scratches and marring. These things can leave your vehicle unprotected. Buffing and polishing or "paint correction" can help to restore your clear coat, not only bringing back your shiny appearance but an even protective surface for your every day road hazards.

Ceramic Coatings/ long term sealants

Ceramic Coatings and other Nano-technology coatings add an extra, long term, protective layer to your vehicles clear coat. Coatings can be applied to almost all surfaces in and on your. Exterior coatings are an absolute must, especially for new vehicles. They offer the superior long lasting shine, a more durable clear coat, and an ultra hydrophobic surface for any vehicle. Ceramic coating products range from 1 year to 9 years in durability. Coating packages include: Prep washing, paint correction, interior vacuuming, and product application. Coatings are getting more and more popular as people learn more about the benefits. This is, truly, a top of the line service and at Glass Tiger Detailing we are trained and certified to perform it.