Hand Wash

Why get your vehicle detailed?

Whether your vehicle is a weekend warrior or a daily driver, it is bound to come in contact with tons of debris. Bird droppings, road grime, dust and dirt all contribute to the breakdown of your vehicles protective clear coat and paint. If not properly dealt with, these contaminates can be catastrophic to the integrity of your paint. Typically, consumer grade wash products are not able to decontaminate the surface of your paint the way that professional grade products will. Here at Glass Tiger Detailing we are fully trained and capable of taking care of your vehicle so that you dont have to. We use top notch products to nurture and clean your vehicle.

The Glass Tiger Difference

Our promise to you: Here at Glass Tiger we vow to treat you and your vehicle with the utmost respect. We promise to be honest with you and work with you to achieve all of your goals for your vehicle at an affordable cost and hassle free experience. At Glass Tiger we will be there for you and your vehicle, giving you the highest level detailing experience around.